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Are you burning out the most productive employees in your company? 

      Imagine being the kind of supervisor or manager that employees love being around and working with now.  When you need someone to work overtime, they scramble to fill in. When you ask for leaders for a new project, they all want to volunteer. And when you are promoted and have relocate, employees miss the inspiration and good cheer you bring to the company. Sounds far fetch? Front line supervisors and managers who have learned the skills of influence and persuasion are enjoying these types of pleasures. Are you?

        Today, the self-interests of motivated employees should take a front seat with corporate missions.  Motivated employees benefit companies by creating unique and better ways of doing their jobs, which in the long-run, increase corporate profits. Unfortunately, these same employees become demotivated when they see their discipline and hard work being taken for granted.  In fact, many companies spend more time and resources dealing with the challenges of unproductive employees  rather than investing in their most promising employees.  These companies have it all wrong.

      To facilitate the needs of supervisors and managers for keeping motivated and productive employees competitive, particularly during the onboarding process, Core Edge HR Workforce Solutions (a subsidiary of Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute, Inc.) researches the traits and best practices of charismatic leadership for developing outstanding supervisors and managers, develops knowledge workers through the IBAR Critical Thinking Method, and enhances communication skills through Core Edge’s Principles of Persuasive Speaking system

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